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Ancoats Coffee Co.

Why Ancoats?

Ancoats is considered to be the birthplace of the industrial revolution and has been called “the world’s first industrial suburb”. It was a major factor in Manchester becoming the city it is today and we felt it was the perfect place for the birth of our company, Ancoats Coffee Co.


From the construction of the first ever cotton mills, Ancoats has been through many changes and seen many different types of businesses reside here; from foundries and engineering factories to service the mills, glass works, aircraft manufacturing amongst many others.


In late Victorian times, the area was also dubbed ‘Ancoats Little Italy’ after many Italians moved here due to economic and political reasons, pioneering the British ice cream industry and was also home to lots of Irish who emigrated at the time.


There was also a ‘coffee-tavern’ in the area ran by the Methodist church alongside a men’s workhouse and women’s night shelter – so it seems we aren’t the first coffee enterprise to choose Ancoats!


The area saw massive decline after the Second World War but has recently seen extensive regeneration, which we are proud to be in the middle of.


We love the architecture and industrial heritage, home to several Grade II listed buildings and the area simply oozes with character, which we hope is reflected in our coffees!


Ancoats Coffee Co.

Ancoats Coffee Co. was founded by Jamie Boland. Jamie lived in Ancoats when first settling in Manchester several years ago, so the area has always been the focus of setting up the company.


Previously, Jamie lived and worked in Melbourne, Australia where he worked for independent coffee companies and is where his passion for coffee first began. On returning to the UK, Jamie felt there was lots of scope to start a coffee company here with the focus being on quality, sustainability and seasonality but also to bring some of the Melbourne coffee-scene back to Manchester.