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Sourcing and Roasting

Coffee Sourcing


At Ancoats Coffee Co. we only use accredited importers to source our coffees. These suppliers have worked tirelessly with the farms over many years to build close relationships, ensuring they are paid a fair price for their coffee. Generally they pay above the market rates offered on the commodity markets (including Fairtrade), which in turn is reinvested into the farms.


This brings several benefits to the farmers and farms. It means they are able to invest in better, more eco-friendly farming methods, which produces better yields and a higher quality grade of coffee. It also ensures the importers secure the finest coffees available on the market at that particular time, which in turn means you are guaranteed the best coffee in the world from Ancoats Coffee Co.


Some of the farms have several families who live and work on the farms, so some of this investment is also used to provide better health and educational facilities for workers.


It is crucial that our exporters’ buying ethos is in line with Ancoats Coffee Co. and that they provide full traceability for every coffee we source. You will see that with every coffee we sell, we provide extensive information on the farm, location, altitude, country of origin, types of coffee varieties, processing methods and anything else we think you would wish to know.


If you would like any further info on our sourcing ethos or importers, please get in touch and we will be very happy to discuss this with you.

Coffee Roasting


Roasting is a science and like science, we are continually improving methods and knowledge to move things forward.


All our coffees are hand-roasted in small batches, ensuring we have greater control over the roasting process and development of the flavour characteristics. We play around with each coffee until we find the desired ‘roast-profile’ for that coffee.


Coffee, like wine, is described by its characteristics and these are affected by a myriad of factors:

  • The environment, such as soil quality, altitude, weather (microclimate) and elevation;
  • Processing methods, such as natural, pulped natural or washed;
  • Coffee varieties (Arabica) such as: Typica, Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra etc.


Coffee ‘characteristics’ are terms used to help describe the coffee character and flavours and are determined by a process called ‘cupping’. We continually ‘cup’ our coffees at Ancoats Coffee Co. to ensure that the desired characteristics are achieved. The ‘cupping’ process is in itself a science and a strict process must be followed in accordance with organisations such as, SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe), SCAA (Speciality Coffee Association of America) and Cup Of Excellence.


The flavour characteristics we use are:

  • Cleanliness;
  • Sweetness;
  • Acidity;
  • Balance;
  • Mouth-feel (or viscosity);
  • Aftertaste;
  • Floral;
  • Citrus Fruit;
  • Stone Fruit;
  • Berry Fruit;
  • Spicy;
  • Nutty;
  • Chocolate;
  • Caramel.


Every coffee we sell has a ‘cupping chart’ on the product page to give you an idea of the flavours you can expect from each particular coffee.