Fazenda Ouro Verde


Taste notes:

Chocolate - Molasses - Orange

Recommended for:

Espresso - Filter - Cafetiere - Aeropress - Chemex - Hario V60 - Syphon - Stovetop

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This ‘natural’ lot from Fazenda Ouro Verde is a great example of a Brazilian coffee. In the cup you expect a heavy body and mild acidity with notes of orange and molasses up front and lingering milk chocolate on the finish.

Brazil is South America’s most influential and economically powerful country and also one of the world’s largest economies. During the last few years great strides have been made in lifting millions out of poverty across the country. Coffee was introduced to Brazil in 1720 in the southern state of Paraná, which has become the powerhouse of the coffee world, accounting for more than a third of coffee production in Brazil. Annual, total-crops of 60 million bags are becoming the norm in Brazil.

Legend has it, the Brazilian government wanted a cut of world coffee production and sent Lt. Col. Francisco de Melo Palheta to French Guiana on the pretence of mediating on a border dispute. Aware that he would not be allowed to visit the fort-like coffee plantations, the lieutenant instead used his charms to woo the first lady of Guiana and encouraged her to give him the seedlings he also desired. Unable to resist his charms, she presented him with a bouquet spiked with coffee seeds at a farewell banquet held in his honour. Whether sex and deceit can be attributed to Brazil’s introduction to coffee, cannot be proved but there can be no doubt that in the 21st century, Brazil’s dominance in world production is unrivalled.

Coffee plantations cover about 27,000 km2 (10,000 sq mi) of the country and of the approximately six billion trees, 74% are arabica and 26% robusta. The states of Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Paraná are the largest producers due to suitable landscapes, climate and rich soil. Most plantations are harvested in the dry months of May to July.

Fazenda Ouro Verde (Green Gold Farm) is one of four farms owned by the Naimeg group, a family business headed up by the founder Gerson Naimeg. Gerson, the son of a German settler and Brazilian mother, established his first farm in 1965 when he bought a small plot of land in Uba located in northern Paraná. Like many others, he and his family moved to the Cerrado to avoid the annual threat of frost and now they have four farms in the region. Fazenda Ouro Verde is around 130 hectares in size with 100 hectares set aside for coffee and is located near the city of Patos de Minas, at an altitude of approximately 1000 meters above sea level. The farm successfully grows varietals of Catuai and Acaia on the local clay loam soils and harvesting is done mechanically thanks to the flat, lay of the land.

We have selected a pulped natural processed Acaia lot from Fazenda Ouro Verde, due to its amazing sweetness and character. The ripe cherries are machine picked and put into a Pinhalese depulper, which removes the skin of the cherry, leaving the sticky beans exposed. The sorted cherries are then spread out to dry on a patio for a period of around 8 to 10 days depending on the weather. During this time the sugars and enzymatic by-products are absorbed into the heart of the bean lending the cup its distinctive sweet and full bodied flavour – great for espresso. The farm has won awards in national espresso competitions in recognition of the character in the cup. Once dry, the parchment coffee is put into ‘tulhas’ (large wooden vats) where the moisture and flavour is allowed to even out during the resting period. Finally, just prior to shipment, it is dry milled and sorted to remove any defect beans.

In line with Brazilian law, 20% of the land at Fazenda Ouro Verde is given over to a nature reserve, where indigenous plants provide a habitat for wildlife. This, coupled with the social standards which have been established for the people that work the land, has led to a Rainforest Alliance certification for the farm.

Cupping Chart


Altitude: 1,000 metres above sea level
City: Patos de Minas
Country: Brazil
Farm: Fazenda Ouro Verde
Owner: Naimeg Group
Processing: Natural
RecommendedFor: Espresso - Filter - Cafetiere - Aeropress - Chemex - Hario V60 - Syphon - Stovetop
Varietals: Cataui


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