Finca Cerro de Jesus – Sparkling Water CO2 Decaf


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Tangerine - Raisins - Brown Sugar

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Espresso - Filter - Cafetiere - Aeropress - Chemex - Hario V60 - Syphon - Stovetop

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Finca Cerro de Jesus sits on the highest mountain in the Cordillera Dipilto in Nueva Segovia and occupies a total area of 280 hectares, with 126 hectares used for coffee production. Situated amongst the Comarca El Escambray community, Cerro de Jesus has the perfect microclimate for the production of speciality coffee and is also home to a diverse range of wildlife species.

Ripe cherries are handpicked and sorted between December and March. There is a wet mill on the farm where the ripe red cherries are deposited and weighed from each picker. The cherries then enter flotation tanks where ripe and unripe cherries are separated by their respective densities. Ripe, dense cherries are then pulped and fermented for between 14 and 18 hours before being washed further. The washed beans are then taken to the drying patios at the nearby mill of San Ignacio. Here they are regularly turned by raking, ensuring they are dried evenly. The drying period typically lasts 10 to 12 days.

The coffee has been decaffeinated using the organically-certified CO2 Sparkling Water process, which protects the structure and delicate flavours of the beans.

The decaf process is outlined below:

1. The green beans enter a ‘pre-treatment’ vessel, where they are cleaned and moistened with water before being brought into contact with pressurised liquid carbon dioxide. When the green coffee beans absorb the water, they expand and the pores are opened 
resulting in the caffeine molecules becoming mobile.

2. After the water has been added, the beans are then brought into contact with the pressurised liquid carbon dioxide, which combines with the water to essentially form sparkling water. The carbon dioxide circulates through the beans and acts like a magnet, drawing out the mobile caffeine molecules.

3. The sparkling water then enters an evaporator, which precipitates the caffeine rich carbon dioxide out of the water. The now caffeine free water is pumped back into the vessel for a new cycle.

4. This cycle is repeated until the required residual caffeine level is reached. Once this has happened, the circulation of carbon dioxide is stopped and the green beans are discharged into a drier.

5. The decaffeinated coffee is then gently dried until it reaches its original moisture content, after which it is ready for roasting.

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Altitude: 1,200 to 1,350 metres above sea level
City: Dipilto
Country: Nicaragua
Farm: Finca Cerro de Jesus
Owner: Luis Alberto Peralta
Processing: Washed
RecommendedFor: Espresso - Filter - Cafetiere - Aeropress - Chemex - Hario V60 - Syphon - Stovetop
Varietals: Caturra & Pacamara


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