V60 Brew Bundle


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V60 Brew Bundle

This brew bundle includes all the essentials will need to brew great coffee on the go or at home. The v60 brew bundle has everything you will need to start brewing coffee with a V60 straight away.

The Hario V60 plastic brew cone is the best when it comes to brewing coffee at the right temperature as the brewer does not suck the heat out of your brewing water in the same way that glass or ceramic can do and therefore the ideal v60 to pair with this bundle.

The Rhino Compact Coffee Hand Grinder is one of the best coffee grinder’s to help you brew the best possible filter coffee. Allowing  you to grind on demand and the optimum way to ensure a good V60 filter coffee

You will also receive a 350g box of Ancoats Coffee of your own choosing so you don’t need to wait a second more to start brewing excellent coffee.

It includes

  • 1x Hario plastic V60 brewing cone
  • 1x Rhino Compact Coffee Hand Grinder
  • 1x 350g box of Ancoats Coffee
  • 1x Hairo V60 Coffee Filter Paper 02


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