Alirio Muñoz

Cup Profile

Raspberry on your lips.
Camellia Sinensis.
Green apple acidity. Granny Smith specifically.
Pistachio gelato.




Soaked for 36-40 hours, washed & dried for 22-25 days on beds under parabolic dryer


Finca el diviso, Bruselas, Huila





Cup Score



Nordic approach


We spent many hours narrowing down this description to encapsulate the elegance of this coffee. Mani, our roaster and head barista fell hopelessly in love with this coffee while he was looking for a coffee for Brewer’s cup. We don’t blame him. We first tasted this coffee amongst a table of 13 samples from Nordic Approach. We were looking for a standout coffee that would hold its own in the Brewer’s Cup for him to brew in his first competition. Having blind cupped a few dozen coffees in the search already, we all agreed that there was a clear favourite, standing head and shoulders above the rest. Our tasting notes reflect the delicate interplay of juicy acidity,  light tealike mouthfeel, crisp and clean malic spike, the maltiness of a great Darjeeling, rich but subtle nutty sweetness in the finish.  This all sounds very dramatic but this coffee makes us very excited and it’s our way of communicating  exactly how much this coffee means to us! You can decide for yourself how much of this is hyperbole once you’ve tasted it at the roastery…

The nuanced balance of flavours is a testament to Alirio’s skill as a producer as well as the favourable climatic and environmental conditions on his farm, Finca el Diviso. Situated in Colombia’s best known growing region this prime coffee-growing real estate has been in Alirio’s family for generations. He learned the business from his grandfather, himself a cafetalero. Alirio Muñoz continues the family tradition today cultivating 75% recently planted Castillo variety cafetales. This variety is the Colombian Department of Agriculture’s answer to the leaf rust problem. Nationwide, there has been copious investment in the propagation of this varietal throughout the country in order to preserve the future sustainability of coffee crops. The remaining 25% of his crop is Caturra, with trees up to a quarter of a century old.  Whilst he is firmly rooted in tradition, Alirio Muñoz is a man who looks to the future. Now in his mid fifties he has begun teaching the traditional skills and and modern techniques of the Cafetalero to the next generation of his family in the hopes that they will find fulfilment in continuing the family business, remaining true to their roots and continuing to produce Café Especial. It seems that a relationship with Nordic Approach will bring his vision for a sustainable future one step closer as the new generation of the coffee industry rises to the next set of challenges.

We are clearly massive fans of this coffee, but it seems we are not the only ones. Apparently, the folks over at Nordic Approach had a similar experience on first tasting Alirio’s coffee. Cupping through a selection of lots from a Colombian exporter they work closely with they stumbled upon this gem and decided to purchase directly from Alirio himself in order to lay the foundations of a long term relationship.

Alirio’s main crop is harvested between September and January, with a smaller second crop in June. Our Caturra lot is from the main harvest in 2016. It is fermented under water in white tiled tanks for 36-40 hours and then all the flesh is removed by being washed in fresh water. Drying takes place at a suitably slow pace, 22 to 25 days under elevated solar driers.

We have spent a lot of time tweaking both the roast profile and brewing recipe to produce our favourite expression of Alirio Muñoz’s superb offering. Each box comes with our favourite brew recipe.