Bumbogo Coffee Washing Station

Cup Profile

Pear, Biscuit, Milk Chocolate, Floral




12 hour wet fermentation, pulped and washed. Dried on raised beds over 30 days. Laser sorted. CO2 Decaffeination


Gakenke, Gasiza




1650-2000 m

Cup Score



Raw Material, Muraho Trading, Neza Trading


In the cup sweet, crisp pear, biscuit, and typical Rwandan fruity notes combine with complex florals to make this washed Bourbon a delicious and versatile coffee, with a marked sense of regionality. We have roasted it to enhance its best qualities, preserving the florals, and boosting that delicious juicy sweetness to the fullest.


This is the first coffee we have bought from Raw Material (unless you count the Pink Bourbon from El Fenix. But that’s another story…) and we couldn’t be happier. From our first experience cupping this coffee, we were blown away. Bumbogo Coffee Washing Station is a relatively new facility, owned and operated by Neza Trading, producing partners of Muraho Trading Company – an open and progressive Kigali-based green coffee company, who focus on working with small coffee producers to improve agricultural practices, infrastructure and processing and, by extension, communities.

According to Nordic Approach, who sourced this coffee, Bumbogo is located in an area known for high-quality coffee production in Rwanda. It is a highly competitive region and has been home to some of the winning lots of the country’s Cup of Excellence. Bumbogo employs 105 casual employees through the season; this staff is responsible for hand sorting cherry, processing, and turning the parchment when drying. They are clearly doing something right as this is everything we want from a washed Rwanda. Oh, and it’s decaf too. Not just any decaf, but  the best we have ever come across!