Aldo Parducci, Las Brumas farm

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Grape, Pomegranate, Black Tea


El Salvador


22-26 day natural, on African beds


Tepecoyo, Cordillera del Balsamo





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Aldo Parducci, Ancoats Coffee Co, Ruffatti Batlle


We are really happy to be able to bring you this Natural Pacamara from Aldo Parducci’s coffee farm, Las Brumas, for the second year. We have only 7 bags of this lot, so be sure to drink your fill while it lasts. Aldo grows a few different varietals at Las Brumas, and we have cupped them all. His Pacamara is hands down our favourite from his main harvest. Aside from the main farm, he also has some experimental plots set aside. He calls this project Area 51, and the goal is to grow rare and unusual varietals and produce small, high value lots. He has been working hard to develop the Area 51 project, and we are excited to see what this coming harvest will yield.

This pacamara natural stole our hearts with its unusual clarity and intense sweetness. It is the antithesis of most people’s expectations of dry processed coffees. It is subtly complex with a wonderful rounded acidity.

While our Warehouse City Espresso references Manchester’s industrial past, Graphene Espresso embodies the future of coffee. Taking its name from the highly versatile smart material developed at the University of Manchester, Graphene Espresso allows confident coffee professionals the opportunity to offer their customers an ever changing selection of single origin coffees specifically roasted to shine in espresso drinks.

Traditionally, blends have been presented as being the epitome of desirability in coffee. While there is some value to marketing a “signature blend” as some sort of  flavour-based USP, we believe that the best way to showcase the sheer variety of diverse flavours made available to us thanks to the hard work of dedicated coffee producers is truly worth celebrating. Graphene offers the opportunity to experience the characteristics that are unique to a given lot of coffee from our favourite producers, rather than the homogenisation of mediocre commercial coffee. The future of coffee is not the blend. We believe the future of coffee is the careful curation of delicious diversity.