This classic Kenyan coffee is grown on the fertile volcanic highlands of the Aberdare Mountain Range in West Central Kenya and it tastes like sweet lemonade with notes of green apple and dried mango. You will also find chocolate and caramel in the cup, making for an intense and layered drink. The bright and complex profile is a result of the slow maturation of the coffee cherries due to the sunny yet cool local climate. Handpicked with care by smallholders whose land is located on Aberdare’s slopes, the cherries are taken to Gura Factory – one of 17 mills that form the Othaya Farmers Co-operative Society Limited – to be processed. The co-op has become Fair Trade certified to improve the farmers’ livelihoods and created the Farmer Field Schools project to teach producers how to best tend to their trees. The quality you find in a cup of Gura honours all these efforts.