Ashok Patre

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Milk Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Winter Spices






Ratnagiri, Bababudangiri




1280 m - 1417 m

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Olam Coffee Importers


A dense canopy of tall silver oak trees provide the perfect shaded environment for coffee to grow on this mountaintop estate in Western India. It was these silvery trees that inspired the name ‘Ratnagiri’, which translates from the local Hindi as ‘pearl mountains’. Ratnagiri Estate is one of India’s leading coffee farms and we’re super excited to have got our hands on this special microlot from them, a competition coffee of which we only have one sack (125 boxes)! We’ve found the coffee to have a rich taste of milk chocolate and peanut butter, accompanied by the pleasant flavour and mouthfeel of warm winter spices. The taste that lingers is of chewy chocolate bars - think Reece’s, Snickers and Double Deckers!



Coffee like this is still relatively rare in India, especially coffee which has been honey-processed, and the flavours of this region are absolutely unique. A third generation coffee farmer, Ashok has spent many years travelling to origin countries, learning about specialty coffee at world-class coffee farms around the globe, and bringing this knowledge back with him to improve the production at Pearl Mountain.

For this microlot the coffee was de-pulped after picking, and dried on raised beds in 50% shade for 16-20 days, turned and raked every 3 hours and covered in the evenings. Ashok and his family take pride in their agricultural practices, which involve regular soil tests, and organic corrections to the soil. They also prioritise ecological harmony, sharing the estate with monkeys, leopards, wild boar, mongoose, tigers and the occasional elephant!