Smallhoder farmers

Cup Profile

Strawberry, carob, floral




Post harvest: Natural
Decaffeination: Sparkling Water


Haricha, Yirgacheffe


Endemic heirloom


Between 1950 & 2150 meters

Cup Score



Falcon speciality


This sparkling water decaf is brimming with juicy strawberry, sweet carob and bold florals. Falcon Speciality have worked with Addis Exporter to source a beautiful coffee, with a strong sense of regionality. Here, farmers grow small amounts of mixed coffee varieties on garden-sized smallholdings. Coupled with the high altitude, the absence of chemical pesticides or fertilisers, and careful skin-on drying of the fruit, this coffee delivers everything we love about Natural Yirgacheffes. Thanks to the chemical-free decaffeination process at the hands of the lovely folk at CR3 in Bremen, it has been possible to preserve the complex cup profile without the caffeine. From there, we take it and roast it to a sweet spot, making this versatile coffee well suited to both filter and espresso based drinks.

This coffee travelled a long way since it was sourced in Haricha Woreda, one the towns where the Gedeo people live in the South of Ethiopia. The Gedeo Zone is also home to Yirgacheffe, a region renowned for producing great quality beans. Grown under shade without the use of any chemicals, the cherries were hand-picked by smallholders and sold to local traders, who processed the beans before selling them to the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX). It was then that Addis Exporter purchased the best lots and sent Falcon samples to choose from.

Falcon Speciality continue to support the Girls Gotta Run Foundation, an non-profit organisation that empowers vulnerable girls, expanding access to secondary education, creating safe spaces and fighting child marriage in both rural and urban communities. The price of this coffee includes a donation to GGRF. Check their website to see how you can get more involved.