Smallholder farmers of Manco Kapak.
Processed at Beneficio Buena Vista, Caranavi

Cup Profile

Apricot, rose hip conserve, peach melba, butterscotch




Honey-dried on raised beds for 19 days


Manco Kapak, Caranavi, Yungus region


Caturra, Bourbon


1500 m

Cup Score



Falcon Specialty


This particular lot of honey-dried Caturra and Bourbon produces a complex and bright, crisp cup, layered over a sweet, creamy base. Clean grape, strawberry, rose hip and apricot lead to more rounded peach melba, whipped peanut butter and butterscotch. A surprisingly creamy mouthfeel gives way to the subtle, lingering sweetness of clotted cream. Manco Inca, named for the quasi-legendary founder of the Inca empire is an auspicious name for our first ever coffee from Bolivia.

Manco Inca was the title of the founder and first governor of the City of Cuzco. According to tradition the first people emerged from three caves, and among them were the children of Inti, the Sun and Pachamama, the Moon: four sisters and four brothers. Ayar Manco was one of them and would be destined for great things. He founded Cuzco, the Inca capital, thus earning the Quechua honorific titles of Manco Kapak or Manco Inca. Both reflect his high status and he is central to a number of stories, and he was certainly a historical figure, recognised for his role in establishing what would become the sprawling Inca Empire. 

Today, Manco Kapak is the name of a small colonia near the Bolivian town of Caranavi, in the lush foothills of the Andes, to the east of Lake Titicaca. Here, a small group of coffee farmers harvest their organic coffee and have their highest quality fruits processed into microlots at Buena Vista coffee mill.