Peralta Coffees

Cup Profile

Juicy Cantaloupe, pine nut, clotted cream




Post harvest:
Yellow Honey, pulped to 50% remaining mucilage. Soaked 14 to 18 hours and washed and patio dried for 10 to 12 days.
Decaffeination: Sparkling Water


Dipilto and Jalapa Mountain Range


Bourbon and Caturra


Various tablones/plots, unspecified.

Cup Score



Falcon speciality


If you’re reading this, you must reeeeally love coffee. We know. You find the aroma enticing and the flavour irresistible. Drinking it has become a part of your life that you can’t bear to miss out on. Well, you’re in luck! This one delivers everything you want… Juicy Cantaloupe. Pine nut. Clotted cream. No caffeine.

This is the most interesting decaf we have sourced so far. We have tried samples of several decaffeinated lots from various UK and European coffee importers, searching for a coffee that holds its own. So here is our favourite, a mixed lot of Yellow Honey Caturra and Bourbon from two of the seven award-winning Peralta Family Farms.

The Peralta family has been growing coffee in Nicaragua since the dawn of the 20th century. Jump to a century later and Marcio Peralta Paguaga wins the 2007 Nicaragua Cup of Excellence hands down. His coffee scored 94.84.  and kickstarted the Peraltas’ reputation very serious coffee producers. Now, this enterprising family, with coffee in their blood, are the driving force behind a coffee empire. Peralta  Coffees are the proud owners of seven farms: Las Golondrinas, Cerro Jesús, Samaria, Santa Maria De Lourde, La Argentina, La Cascada and El Bosque. Each of these family farms is located in the Dipilto & Jalapa Mountain Range. The Peralta family has a phenomenal record when  it comes to growing coffee, with their farms placing in the Nicaragua Cup of Excellence online auction no less than 11 times. Las Golondrinas has placed 3 times now, including two first places. As well as running the farms, the Peraltas operate their own processing facilities on the outskirts of Mozonte, in Nueva Segovia. The first mill is called Don Octavio, where community partners can have their coffee processed and patio dried. The mill itself holds Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade and Organic certification. Here farmers can have their parchment coffee dried on traditional concrete patios. For the preparation of speciality micro-lots, and Rainforest Alliance coffees from the family farms, San Ignacio mill, where this lot comes from, offers state of the art climate controlled greenhouses (often referred to as parabolic or solar driers). These are essentially poly tunnels designed to facilitate precision drying. This means that lots can be dried in carefully controlled environment where temperature, moisture and airflow can be manipulated to provide the perfect environment for coffee spread in thin layers over raised, African style beds. Larger lots can be dried on the concrete patios, which are essentially flat concrete areas where coffee is spread in a thin layer to dry. These facilities allow Peralta Coffees to offer excellent lot separation, coupled with clear traceability.

The Peralta family have been making coffee for forever. And they are good at it. Really good at it in fact. We have bought several lots from this family’s farms since we first started roasting and they have all been memorable!  You might remember our Samaria yellow honey or our superb Natural lot from the Bajadero Plot at Finca El Bosque. Or more recently our Cerro de Jesús decaf. They all have one thing in common, each of those farms is owned and operated by a proud Peralta.

Marilec Sevilla is Head of Quality Control at Peralta Coffees. An experienced Q Grader, she has over ten years of experience in facilitating the production of increasingly high quality coffees. Marilec and her crack QC team are vital to the whole enterprise, it’s her job to make sure that each lot is the best it can be, ensuring that the facilities and workflow  are maintained in order to maintain the superb quality that the Peralta brand has become synonymous with.

Not only do Peralta farms grow coffee on 7 farms and operate 2 mills, but they also develop and offer financing mechanisms for both pre-harvest and harvest. They specialise in helping to finance small producers and cooperatives and even provide a range of export services. They have been working with our direct green supplier, Falcon Speciality for a number of years now, and have established excellent relationships around the world.

Our partners over at Falcon Speciality have written a really nice introduction to the sparkling water decaffeination process and how it works.