Yolanda Urrea Arita

Cup Profile

Strawberry, Caramel, Winey




Natural drying on mesh beds under parabolic drier


Finca El Triunfo, Pacayas, Copán


Red Catuaí



Cup Score



Falcon Specialty


Yolanda Urrea Arita’s Red Catuaí is produced on her farm, El Triunfo. Situated in the hills about a dozen kilometers to the east of Corquín in Western Honduras. El Triunfo is a small farm, just over 15.000 square meters, where her family’s coffee coexists with native shade trees and forest as well as areas with mangos and oranges. Here, with the help of her family, she strives to grow great coffee in balance with the ecosystem of her farm. Together with engineer husband Luis and their two sons Luis and Hector (both of whom are studying Agronomy), she is focussed on increasing the cup quality of her coffee and building a bright future for their farm and hopes to one day establish El Triunfo as a center for agro-tourism. The first thing Yolanda’s coffee brings to mind is the sensation of biting into a fresh red strawberry as the cup explodes with crystal clear acidity and juicy sweetness. Depth comes in the form of caramel and hints of caramel, ending in a lingering winey acidity.



This is our first coffee from Honduras and we love its profile (it’s one of our new favourites for batch brew and Aeropress!), though at first it seemed hard to nail the tasting notes. Yolanda’s Red has got an intense sweetness and a winey feel that we always love to find in coffee. Though Finca El Triunfo belongs to both Yolanda and her husband Beltran this lot in particular was one under Yolanda’s care – and we think she’s doing a wonderful job. In fact, we have tried some great lots from the country this year and could notice how much production in Honduras is improving.

According to Falcon Specialty, who sourced this coffee, beans from Honduras are typically perceived as lacking in quality, “cited as fast ageing and lacking the complexity and acidity that specialty roasters look for”. That perception is a consequence of a – let’s say – successful commodity market that finds buyers for the largely grown Robusta-hybrid varietals. The growing conditions also vary greatly in the country, affecting the quality of processing due to heat and humidity pockets. Yolanda’s coffee showcases the potential Honduras has to offer and the success of incentive programs in place at the moment, such as Falcon’s Specialty Agronomy Project. It also shows that what people used to see as adverse climatic conditions are actually an array of microclimates, which produce a number of different (and exciting!) cup profiles. We hope you enjoy this coffee as much as we do!