Brew Guide: Clever Dripper

Tools you will need

  • Clever Dripper
  • Clever Dripper Filter Paper
  • Pouring Kettle
  • Digital Scale
  • Timer
  • Stirring Utensil


  • 24g of ground coffee
  • 400ml of water

Brew Time

  • 4 1/2- 5 Minutes 


Start with 24g of ground coffee on a medium/coarse filter grind and then place your filter paper into the clever dripper.


Rinse your filter paper with water just off the boil. 


Pour the coffee into the Clever Dripper and place it onto a set of scales and then tare the scales. 


Start the timer and pour all the hot water onto the coffee. Give it a good stir to make sure all the grounds get wet, avoiding stirring right to the bottom of the brewer bed.

With very fresh coffee this can take a few stirs to make sure all of the floating coffee gets knocked down into the brew water.


Put the lid on and leave your coffee to brew for 2 minutes. Then, stir the surface again to knock down any floating grounds trapped in the crust that’s formed at the top.


Place the Clever Dripper on an appropriately sized vessel to release the valve. The coffee should take around 2 minutes to drain.


Serve and enjoy your coffee.

Hint – Grind finer if the coffee tastes too acidic or the brew drained too quickly. Grind courser if it’s too bitter or the brew drained too slowly.