Diversity. Exploration. Consistency. Excellence.

These are some of the driving factors that make speciality coffee what it is today. We always feel slightly flattered when an excellent multi-roaster cafe chooses a selection of our offering to guest on their carefully curated brew bar. Or when we see a can of beer that we know is brewed with the addition of a coffee that we sourced and roasted. Of course we do!

We can only do this, however, because our business is built with integrity, it’s the product of hard work, flexibility, reliability and rock solid relationships. We are an evolving speciality roastery and our foundations are based on helping to facilitate our partners’ goals by throwing all of our knowledge, experience and skill behind supporting people at the forefront of hospitality businesses brimming with potential. We are not strangers to the risks, priorities and pressures of starting a new venture or revitalising an existing venue. In fact, we thrive on making ideas come to life. We have done it ourselves, not just once, but twice. First, our original roastery, and more recently our beautiful combined roastery and coffee bar. This ever-evolving project is, in itself, our first showcase for our vision of our own individual take on coffee.

We work individually with each of our partners to provide not just consistently extraordinary coffee but also the insight, consultancy and genuine advice each one needs to properly equip their bar and train their team in order to make their goals accessible. By guiding our trade partners through some of the seemingly daunting choices faced by anyone meaning to embark on the journey to better coffee, we can help each one to make the choices that will come to define their approach to coffee service. Depending on your needs, we will train you and your team to get exactly what your business needs from the equipment best suited to your context. Perhaps you are considering expanding your coffee offering by setting up a simple manual brew bar or streamlining your morning rush with a new Curtis batch brewer and a more consistent grinder. Whether you’re looking for a reliable, high volume workhorse for your existing cafes or want to satisfy your long term dream of one day owning your own Sanremo Opera and pursuing your quest for the perfect espresso extraction, our team is here to bring it within your reach.

We know it’s tempting but let’s not forget that coffee is not all about drooling over shiny gear. Working alongside us means that, like us, you are invested in a culture that values not just making coffee, but making coffee better. We place a lot of value on cultivating a coffee community which is constantly exploring coffee and engages with what it means to make great coffee professionally. We run a regular program of events aimed squarely at both engaging baristas, hospitality professionals and coffee lovers in collaboration with our wholesale partners and the wider coffee community. We are proud to offer an approach to coffee that brings together a sense of socially responsible sourcing from our first relationship coffees and our longstanding relationship with Falcon Speciality and other leading coffee sources such as Ruffatti Batlle, Raw Material and Nordic Approach. Together, we are committed to improvement and transparency in the supply chain as well as demonstrating a level of respect for the environment. We actively seek to limit our environmental footprint in practical ways such as showcasing seasonal produce in our menu or making our local deliveries in reusable airtight containers. By working closely with a tight network of coffee professionals from a variety of backgrounds, we help you access all of the resources you will need to develop and grow your business, providing practical basic barista skills and advanced training, the guidance to select and purchase the equipment package to best suit your needs, as well as expert technical support from our partners at CES in order to bring your own vision into existence.

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