We realise that tasting incredible coffee is an experience worth crafting and perfecting for its own sake.

Our approach is rooted in highlighting the characteristics that are inherent to only the most interesting and highest quality coffee lots. We continually explore the bright, juicy side of coffee and amplify these sought-after attributes through meticulous roasting that will preserve the subtle complexities of the coffees we love. By roasting to a sweet spot we are able to heighten their inherent acidity and preserve their sweetness without imposing less desirable attributes associated with the actual process of roasting. At Ancoats we prepare coffee that makes us smile. Small, private smiles. Radiant, infectious smiles. Big, silly grins of appreciation. To us, beautiful coffee is not simply a commodity but a vehicle to communicate experience. By making these coffee experiences accessible we aim to decomoditise coffee, turning it from an often overlooked everyday necessity to a moment of appreciation in the mind of the drinker. That’s you, we want you to crack a smile with us. Once that happens coffee ceases to be just a product. It becomes something to seek out. Something to delight in. Something to be proud of.

Great coffee is not instant, it is the result of years of cultivation in challenging conditions, painstaking picking,  careful preparation.

It is the lifeblood of entire communities and is drunk by billions. In order to find our place in this global network, we choose to roast coffees that will make an impact. We taste sample after sample of coffee from all sorts of sources searching for the one. The one that makes us grin. These coffees come to us through networks of people, coffee professionals committed to contributing their best efforts to their own corner of the industry. Matt and Steve at Raw Material, Matt and Riley at Falcon Speciality, Morten and Andreas from Nordic Approach and the man himself, Rodolfo Ruffatti Batlle. Leaders in their field, invested in improving speciality coffee. We have also started forging relationships directly with coffee producers such as Aldo Parducci at Finca Las Brumas in El Salvador. We also have the privilege of being involved with Raw Material’s crowdfunded farm and community wet mill in Colombia, El Fénix. Our whole supply network is based on collaboration with hard working, ethically invested partners who help create an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible infrastructure, capable of producing and sustaining increasingly higher quality coffee into the future.

In the world of coffee, integrity, knowledge and infrastructure are key.

This is true for everyone from agricultural producers to roasters and hospitality businesses. Since the early days of Ancoats Coffee Co. we have worked tirelessly to grow our infrastructure from scratch, gathering a team with the passion and depth of knowledge to bring to life our vision of what Speciality Coffee can be. We strive to push forward an ever evolving business, with the aim of continually improving each aspect of what we do. That means tasting every single batch we roast and developing a well rounded team with increasingly specialist skill sets.

Our Q Grader, Roasting and Quality Control teams, our cafe manager, Iga Wroblewska as well as our awesome team of baristas all contribute to making our vision a reality. To us, each box, each brew represents our unique interpretation of what makes a coffee special. So, take a sip and… smile.