This is the epicentre of Ancoats Coffee Co. The roastery houses everything that makes what we do possible. Tucked away in the belly of Royal Mills, you will find a hive of activity. Within the brick walls of our home the workings of our roastery are open for all to see. From our green coffee store to the dispatch of our trade orders and subscriptions each process is laid bare.




The space reflects our open, transparent and engaging approach to coffee. You may have to seek it out but our doors are always open and once you find us, our space reveals every aspect of what we do. Depending when you visit, our roastery team will be working hard at any number of jobs. You might find Lukas and Helena lugging sacks of newly delivered green coffee to the store under the glass panels that provide an uninterrupted view of our workspace. While some jobs look menial, each task is a key process that contributes in some crucial way to to producing the best coffee we possibly can. Whether we are stripping down our 6kg Giesen roaster for regular maintenance or carefully weighing out our green coffee, everything has a value.

We select our green coffee only through meticulous tasting and heated discussion. We constantly monitor temperature in our roasts, and measure and control every possible variable that we can measure. We taste and evaluate a sample from every batch of coffee that we roast as part of our daily quality control procedures. You will often see us weighing out beans into carefully labelled airtight containers, to rest until the following day’s stringent quality control checks or slurping endlessly from bowls of coffee. Great coffee is no accident, it is the sum of every single act that goes into its production.

A visit to our roastery is a connection to the process.