Buying coffee online & subscriptions

When will I receive my coffee?

We currently roast from Monday to Friday and dispatch all of our orders within 48hrs, usually same day. You should receive email notifications to keep you up to date with the progress of your order (please ensure a correct email address has been entered when ordering).

Most postal and courier services operate Monday to Friday unless they offer a specialist service on a weekend. Any orders received after 3pm on a Friday to Sunday will be shipped on the following Monday.

Can I buy coffee outside of the U.K.?
Currently we are only able to process and ship website orders from within the UK. We are working hard to implement a world-wide ordering and payment system. If you wish to order coffee from outside the UK, please email orders@ancoatsv2.flywheelsites.com with your query / order and we can arrange shipping / payment with you directly.
How will my coffee be shipped?

We package your coffee with care and work with selected shipping partners to make sure our products reach you safe and sound. We have recently updated our packaging to allow us to ship retail coffee (350g) directly in the box. Larger orders will be shipped in a padded envelope.

We currently use Royal Mail 24 & 48 services for orders below 3kg. For orders more than 3kg we use DPD couriers.

When will my coffee be roasted?
We roast Monday to Friday. Your coffee will always be from our latest batch – no compromises!
Can I gift a subscription?

Yes of course. In fact most subscriptions tend to be gifted by a loved one – simply add their details as the shipping address and we’ll do the rest!

If you would like to leave add a personal message with the gift, please add this as a ‘note’ when paying for the subscription and we’ll add to their first instalment for you.

When will I receive my subscription?
Our subscriptions are sent at the start of every month at the earliest opportunity. Our roasters select their favourite coffee of choice that month and you enjoy the results.
Can I cancel my subscription?
We get it. Sometimes you just need to give up the good things in life and go and live in a cave or join a sect. We won’t judge, just remember to cancel your subscription. You can also donate all of you worldly goods to charity here.
What coffee will I receive?
You can expect to receive beautiful coffees from our ever changing selection. We buy small amounts of superb, seasonal green coffee that we love. Any given coffee will only be available for a limited period, so you can expect lots of variety throughout the year!


Can I access wholesale pricing online?
We are working hard to develop a full wholesale customer login area – we’re not quite there yet however! Please visit the Wholesale section of the site for further info. Fill out the contact form and we’ll get back to you to answer any queries you may have on equipment or coffee pricing.
I want awesome coffee for my business! What next?
If your business could benefit from Ancoats Coffee Co, simply get in touch here. We would love to hear from you!
How will I receive my coffee?

We deliver roasted coffee in central Manchester in reusable containers that hold up to 10kg per container, free of charge. We moved to containers last year to help keep down unnecessary packaging waste that is prevalent in the industry.

If room is a premium at your site, we can of course still pack and deliver in foil-lined kilo bags.

For customers further afield (i.e. outside central Manchester), we will pack in foil-lined kilo bags and box up the order for delivery via courier.

How do I pay for my coffee?

For new accounts we request payment on delivery either as cash or via BACs transfer.

Account details:
Ancoats Coffee Ltd
Santander Business Banking
Account No: Contact us to confirm
Sort Code: Contact us to confirm
IBAN: GB24ABBY09012848306789

How can I find out when new coffees are available?
You can check our store or sign up for updates or request our latest offer list.
Can Ancoats help improve the culture in my business?
Yes! If you think that your business could benefit from an uplifting coffee experience, there are a number of ways we could help you raise your coffee game.
Can Ancoats train my team to get the best out of our coffee ?
Preparing great coffee doesn’t happen by accident, it takes a certain amount of knowledge and practice to do well. You can contact our Head of Training, Jake Taylor, to discuss how we can help improve your bar team’s skills.
What equipment should I use to get the most from Ancoats coffee?
As an industry we are investing ever more in training and equipment to get the best from our coffee. In order to match your context, budget and needs with the right equipment we have partnered with a number of specialists, each with their own area of expertise. From the simple yet functional manual brewing gear of Hario and AeroPress, the sublime Fellow Stag kettles, Acaia espresso scales and Filtru’s industry-leading flow  software, to Curtis’ seraphim brewers we know what it takes to brew great coffee with style. We have partnered with 3 world leaders in espresso technology, each at the cutting edge, developing better and better tools for the coffee industry: Vitoria Arduino, who build the awesome Mythos (and now mythos 2) grinders, the formidable La Marzocco who developed every Barista’s dream machines, Strada & the gravimetric PB and last but not least Sanremo with their motorbike-inspired Café Racer and ground-breaking Opera.
What is your minimum order?
We have no minimum order as we believe that each business we work with will organically order as much or as little as they need at any point. You can even check to see if you could qualify for free shipping.
Who uses Ancoats coffee?
Our first customer was xxxxx (thank you xxxx) and we have our roots in northern quarter institutions Koffee Pot, AGS, the teacup family, tariff and dale as well suburban favourites  Junipers, Rocket and orange, university vegi eatery Greenhouse, Chez and then we have guested at Manchester coffee curators Idle Hands, Takk, Grindsmith, PKB,  as well as further afield in Glasgow, nottingham, Liverpool, leeds, Liverpool, London, camper in Exeter, Ireland, and Finland. Add to this a vape shop, delis, bars, pubs, breweries (alphabet, Shindigger, chorlton brew co , Cloudwater and beatnikz) and even a bank!


Why the freshness graphic?

It shows what happens to coffee over time. That’s it. It’s a way to communicate our approach to coffee as a complex ever-changing fresh product.

You might not have noticed, but there’s no use by date either…

Why a box?

Our distinctive retail box is a practical way to present, package and ship our coffee. Our choice of presentation is a way to break from conventions entrenched in the industry’s and public’s historic approach to coffee.

Vertically oriented coffee packaging is the norm. It is rooted in coffee’s conventional role as a commodity, ie a basic foodstuff that is a product of mass production with its quality defined by price point. Think about it. Shelves of rice, pasta, flour, stock  cubes, sugar, tea. Even corn flakes. And Coffee. They all have one thing in common. Vertical packaging.

If we want to elevate great coffee to the status it deserves we need to present ourselves differently.

So we said to hell with convention, had some custom boxes made and now we present it in a way more suited to the context in which it belongs. Our coffee is not meant to be sold from an anonymous supermarket shelf. It belongs on a brew bar. It belongs on a counter. It belongs where coffee lovers gather!

What about the one way valve?
It’s simple: 350g of coffee won’t produce enough gas to require one. So we left it out. Now our bags are recyclable.
What about the environment?
Our retail packaging made up of a cardboard box and a LDPE bag. The bag can be recycled anywhere that recycles plastic bags. And the cardboard? You can recycle that too.
Why 350g?
You know that feeling of going “…where did all that coffee go?” Yeah, so do we… so we thought we would put some more in there for you! Plus if you take espresso seriously, you will have enough coffee to keep dial in a recipe and keep it tasting great.
How do you choose your coffees?
We taste loooots of coffee samples from the latest harvests as they come in season from producers around the world. These generally come from our sourcing partners at Falcon Speciality, Raw Material, Ruffatti Batlle and Nordic Approach. From these we pick out coffees that surprise and delight us. As cheesy as it sounds we actually do pick coffees that make us smile. If a coffee can do that for us, there is a good chance it will impress our customers too.
How many drinks can I make from a kilo of coffee?

You could make 50 espresso drinks give or take.

You could make about 16 litres of filter coffee.

How do you check the quality?

We break down our approach to the quality of our coffee into three stages. These are the the responsibility of our Roasters and Q-grader.

Pre-Roast: we cup extensively looking , look for beautiful coffees that have bucketfuls of acidity and sweetness. Simply put, these qualities are only available in great quality lots that have been prepared to the highest standards. We only invest in coffees that satisfy these conditions as well as not having detectable off-flavours in the cup, as these would equate to defects.

During roast: Through successive rounds of test roasting and cupping the results we settle on a roast profile (in other words, a recipe) that allows our favourite expression of a given lot of coffee.  Then, every subsequent roast is  constantly monitored and manually (yes, that means with pen and paper) logged at 30 second intervals to ensure that each roast matches its master profile.

Post-roast: Every single package has a unique Batch ID. Each one corresponds to a roast log. We taste a sample of every single batch we roast, to make sure that no matter what, every batch of coffee tastes as good as the last. We don’t make exceptions. We don’t compromise. Why? Because the coffee from a single off roast could (and would)  be used to produce upwards of 210 drinks. And understandably, we don’t like the idea of 210 bad drinks out in the wild with our name on them. So yeah, no exceptions.

When will Ancoats coffee be at its tastiest?
Check out this freshness graphic.


When is the cafe open?

8-6 Monday to Friday. 9-5 on Saturday and 10-5 Sunday. For bank holidays and Christmas opening hours please check updates on our social media channels.

What else do you do, other than coffee?
We cook, we bake we make delicious vegan things and work with great ingredients and products from our favourite producers. We work with products from Manchester bakers Brownie owl, and pollen among others!
Can we have an event at Ancoats?
We are lucky enough to be in a beautiful space that could host your event.
Do you do delicious awesome vegan and gluten free things?
One of the benefits of having a vegan cafe manager is that we make all sorts of delicious plant based food as well as a generous selection of non-vegan food. We also have the odd gluten-free brownie too!
I would like to exhibit my work in your space.
Great! Send us some images of your work and start a conversation
Why do you like filter coffee so much?
Done well, it shows off all the hard-won sweet, juicy complexity that we all work so hard to achieve without any distractions.
What espresso machine do you use?
At the roastery we use our Opera. It comes from the workshop of the SanRemo engineering team. It is a cutting edge research machine that allows us the flexibility to extract espresso to whatever parameters we can dream up.
Are you hiring?
If you are a grafter with passion and a desire to pursue a career in coffee we would love to hear from you.


How can I learn more about coffee?
Check out some ways you can engage with coffee at our roastery. You can gain the skills you want from our team!
How can I taste more delicious coffee?
We love tasting coffee, and the best way to taste lots of coffees together is by cup-tasting! You can find out more and join our next cupping at Ancoats here.
Can I surprise my buddy with a wonderful coffee experience?
Get them booked in to some next level coffee experience
When is your next event?

We run a regular event schedule at the roastery. Discover more here https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/ancoats-coffee-co-8800175014

I have an awesome idea, how can we make it happen?
We like good ideas and would love to hear yours. Drop us a message here, it could be the start of something great!