Brew Guide: Espresso

Tools you will need

  • Espresso Machine
  • Coffee Grinder
  • Digital Scale
  • Timer


  • 18g of finely ground coffee

Brew Time

  • 28 seconds – 32s seconds

Step 1

Clean & dry your group handle & filter basket to prepare for dosing your ground coffee. Also tare your scale to get an accurate ground coffee dose in the filter basket.

Step 2

Dose your coffee according to the capacity of your filter basket. So for our basket pictured here it is a 19g basket so we have dosed 18g of ground coffee. When brewing espresso you are often best keeping to a brew ratio of 1:2, so for example , 18g dry coffee in > 36ml espresso out = 28 seconds – 32 seconds 

Step 3

Distribute & settle the coffee evenly in the filter basket making sure the coffee is equally spread.

Step 4

Tamp your coffee until you can feel it stopping giving way under pressure. Remember to keep your tamp straight when pushing down as a wonky tamp will result in imperfect extraction!

Step 5

Flush water through the grouphead to prepare the group for brewing and to clean away any old coffee grounds left in the grouphead.

Step 6

Gently insert the group handle into the machine and start brewing your espresso.

Step 7

Time & weigh your brew, stopping in line with your recipe. So following this example we would stick to our 1:2 brew ratio and follow a recipe of 18g dry coffee in > 36ml espresso out = 28 seconds – 32 seconds. 

Step 8

Add milk if you are creating a milk based drink or serve and enjoy if brewing a espresso.