Brew Guide: V60

Tools you will need

  • V60 Brewer
  • Filter Paper
  • Brewing Vessel
  • Pouring Kettle
  • Digital Scale
  • Timer
  • Stirring Utensil


  • 15g of freshly ground filter coffee on a medium grind 
  • 225ml of Water (at 93°c if your kettle allows)



Brew Time

  • 2 Minute 30 Seconds

Step 1

Place your V60 on top of your brewing vessel and put the filter paper into the V60.

Step 2

Heat your water by turning on the kettle to the boil, or 93°c if your kettle allows. Then throughly rinse the filter paper with the water and then discard water after wetting the paper.


Step 3

Place the V60 on the scales and then add your ground coffee to the brewer. Make sure the coffee is evenly distributed and tare your scales back to 0.

Step 4

Gently and evenly pour 50g of water onto the coffee in a spiral rotation. Then wait 30 seconds for the water to drain through.

Step 5

Pour another 50g of water in a spiral rotation and then wait for the water to drain through over 30 seconds. 

Step 6

After 1 minute, stir the coffee 3 times and then add the remaining 125g of water in a spiral rotation around the edges of the V60.

Step 7

Then let the remaining water drain through the V60. If your brew has run through the v60 too quickly, look to make your ground coffee finer and if it has run through too slowly, look to coarsen your grind. 

Step 8

Serve, sit back and enjoy your brew