Aeropress Brew Bundle




This brew bundle includes all the essentials will need to brew great coffee on the go or at home. This aeropress brew bundle includes everything you need to start brewing great coffee with the simple yet versatile Aeropress.

The Aeropress is a simple yet incredibly effective piece of brewing equipment, We love its lightweight, easy to clean BPA free plastic construction making it the perfect travel companion to brew consistent and full-bodied cups.

The Rhino Compact Coffee Hand Grinder with AeroPress Adapter is designed specifically to work with your AeroPress Coffee Maker. From the perfect size for fitting inside the top chamber of the AeroPress to the adapter that allows you to grind straight into the AeroPress.

You will also receive a 350g box of Ancoats Coffee of your own choosing so you don’t need to wait a second more to start brewing excellent coffee.

It includes

  • AeroPress (including stirrer and filter papers)
  • Rhino Compact Coffee Hand Grinder
  • 1x 350g box of Ancoats Coffee
  • 1x Pack of 350 Aeropress paper filters



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