Cachoeira Graphene: Brazilian coffee with identity

Exciting. Funky. Fruity. Experimental. Whenever we source coffees for our Graphene Espresso those are attributes we have in mind. Which innovative processing methods can we bring to our customers? Which curious flavour profiles? These is what we ask ourselves. When we cupped lot GR0840 from Cachoeira farm in Brazil this January we knew we had found a coffee that presented the right answers to all those questions.

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Spotlight look at Thageini the home of our juicy new Kenyan coffee, and the coffee business in Kenya

It can be easy to incur the sin of romanticizing life in coffee growing countries and idealize the impact of the specialty industry. I certainly had that mindset while talking to Joanne Berry (Head of Sourcing at Nordic Approach) about our new Kenyan coffee, processed...

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Finca​ ​Las​ ​Brumas:​ ​a​ ​family​ ​pact​ ​for​ ​better​ ​coffee​ ​that​ ​is​ ​going​ ​global

Jesus Hernandez started growing coffee in El Salvador back in the 1800’s. He was a man of humble origins, but very hard working and a cunning businessman. Jesus was so dedicated and such a fine trader that very soon his small plot of land turned into a sizeable and...

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